Work area

Global Food Group, traditionally a family business in the agricultural sector, processes eggs and egg products which are used as semi-finished goods in the Food industry. The work area covers the whole chain, from chick to egg products.


Customers are companies in the food industry, which use semi-finished products as ingredients in their production process. These customers are, for example, large bakeries, and producers of liqueur and pasta.

Because of the directing role in the chain, Global Food Group is able to supply stable products with a guaranteed constant quality, so the customers’ production yield is increased.

Meaning stakeholders

Global Food Group wants to be and remain a healthy and sound family company, and strive for a good solvability and continuity and the long term, so that employees can be offered good prospects. Furthermore, the company wants to take on the responsibility of establishing a long-term added value for all partners involved in the chain of consumers, buyers, suppliers and other trade partners.

Standards, values and convictions

Global Food Group is an involved party with an honest story for all interested parties, with long-term work at the centre. The company would like to establish a natural flow in the chain between chick and egg product, and in all aspects of the operation.

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