Corporate social responsibility

In 2050, it is expected that there will be around 9 billion people living on this earth. Because of the increasing wealth, the demand for animal proteins will also increase, as well as the pressure on the sparse resources, water and nature. The agricultural sector and food industry will face the challenge of producing enough and healthy food in an efficient and sustainably manner. That is why corporate social responsibility is a vital part of the work Global Food Group does. In this framework, we are also happy to supply an active contribution to the food issue.

As a family company and leading producer of egg products, we are at the centre of society. We feel responsible for the world around us, for this generation and the ones that will come after. We believe that, if we want to change the world, we’ll have to do it together. Starting with being the best we can be every day. Following our sustainable principles, we do this step by step, with all of our employees, entrepreneurs, customers, suppliers and chain partners.

Sustainable cornerstones

Respect for mankind and animals

The wellbeing of mankind and animals is very important to us. We pay attention to it and invest in it. Aside from living conditions, working conditions and reliable partnerships also play important parts. Combining these and sometimes balancing these requires continuous consideration.

Efficient production and logistics

The efficient production and processing of eggs and smart logistics are high on the list of Global Food Group’s priorities. Energy-friendly logistics and efficient production benefit the environment, for Global Food Group and for our suppliers and customers.

Responsibility for a better environment

For the sake of the environment, we strive for limiting the impact of the production and our operation as much as possible. We work together closely with suppliers, logistic services and producers, in order to limit this impact.

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