Traceability of the highest level!

Because of chain incorporation by Global Food Group, the produced egg products are fully traceable. Because the Global Food Group directs the chain, it is known which resources have been used for the production of feed, and it is clear where and in which way the eggs have been produced.

Thorough quality system

The quality department within the company has developed its own quality system, which makes sure that the produced products have the very best quality, with the specifications in accordance with the wishes of the buyer.

This system and the procedures are leading in the production of the egg products. For example, the egg product factory has been divided into various independent comparted departments to safeguard the food safety.


In the laboratory near the egg product factory, eggs and egg products are analysed for tests every day, to see if the produced eggs and egg products comply with the quality requirements of Global Food Group, and aside from that they see if the product is in accordance with the specifications of the buyer. Aside from the eggs and egg products being analysed, feed for the laying hens is analysed every day.

Quality certificates

The quality system and production process are regularly checked by independent parties. Because of this, Global Food Group possesses a number of quality certificates:

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